• Call Today for a Free 30 minute consultation
    Call Today for a Free 30 minute consultation That's where we come in. Interstate Marketing was founded in 1986. We have helped successful retail, service, schools and colleges, specialty stores, lumber dealers, caterers, and distributors achieve large revenue increases.
  • The Right Plan Produces the Highest Return
    The Right Plan Produces the Highest Return Full, detailed knowledge of your market competition, current demand, customer profile, customers needs, your product or service plus what makes your business different combine to reveal the shortest, direct way to reach your customer and prospects alike. Result? An on-target marketing plan with the exact strategy and tactics to reach your goals and true potential.
  • Learn How We Can Double Your New Leads in Three Months
    Learn How We Can Double Your New Leads in Three Months The right blend of traditional and on-line marketing gets fast results, builds immediate two-way communication between buyer and seller. Buyers gain time and information required to make a good decision. Sellers get to know buyers individual needs. Result? Profitable on-going relationships that build revenue and customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Interstate Marketing!

We know your marketing dollar has to pay off - to build your brand, make your phones ring, drive sales and revenue growth.

We also know growing small businesses typically lack the staff, time and experience to do a first-rate marketing job.

Interstate Marketing was founded in 1986 to help these successful small businesses realize their potential with on-target strategy and tactics.

And it works!  Clients have achieved enormous revenue growth.  So why not you!  Small business is the very heart of American growth.  Our goal is to help these wealth builders grow.

Traditional & Online Marketing

Today's marketing media makes it easier and faster to build relationships with prospects, shorten your sales cycle, and improve the return on your market investment.

Traditional media broadcasts your message, builds your brand and keeps your message in front of prospects.

On-line marketing enables those prospects to visit you on your website 24/7,  through key word searches and linked referral at precisely the time they are ready to buy!

Interstate Marketing combines traditional and on-line media plus search engine optimization to make your marketing effective.

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Customer Testimonial

I have both worked with and recommended Interstate Marketing for over 15 years.Owner, Phil Gagnon, has written marketing plans, press features and direct mail advertising that pulled in valuable business and built our brand in the Augusta and Savannah Markets. New client listings regularly followed Phil's efforts on our behalf.

- Tim Dalton
Sunbelt Business Brokers